Phobia EP

by Jack Allum

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I wanted to create some music outside of my usual style, and so this ambient electronic EP gave me the platform on which to do that.

As with my previous albums, it was recorded, produced and mixed at home on Reason 5 and Pro Tools 10.


released March 4, 2014

Written, Performed and Produced by Jack Allum

Album Art by Sam Allum



all rights reserved


Jack Allum London, UK

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Track Name: Abyss
Way down here
Away from all these fears
A place we have to go
Away from all we know
Way down here
Track Name: A Life Worth Living
Eyes closed, we're left all alone
Sitting there as my heart stops beating
Last words to make them my own
A last chance to say what we're feeling

Its our time to go
To seek light alone
I just need to know
Has it been a life worth living

At the end all the same
Old regrets, dreams unmade
Track Name: Insomnia
In dark, this silence, it grows taking hold of me
My mind so tired, my soul lays awake with me
Tonight i'm broken, my thoughts make the best of me
I feel surrounded, trapped down by this gravity

I know my fate, it's unmistaken
Down on my knees, here's what I'm praying for
Take me away, into a state of mind
I can be, taken away from this

Take me away from this

Into my thoughts, fighting my feelings
Drifing away, slip from reality
Taunts me to soon, jolts come to wake me
Over I start, back to reality

Back to reality

This night moves so slowly
This time will be the death of me
I’ll wait till the light of day
And I’ll wait and I’ll play this game
The worst part is i’ve been here before
And I know that I’ll lose this war

The days that have past
The dreams that I’ve kept
I hopelessly wait count the winks that I’ve slept
I hold on, I stay strong
Close my eyes as I try to move on

As I try to move on

Lay still, no motion, each move reawakens me
Heart beats, its pulsing so loud, it deafens me
Tonight, I’ll scream out, break free from this misery
Burnt lungs, red eyes, the last night that you’ll hear these dark cries

Take me away, into a state of mind
I can be taken away from this
Track Name: Blind
Have I been bound to hold this place
A world alone, a life disgraced
Was I so blind to see this truth
A lie I lived throughout my youth

I’ll find where I fall
How many times will I get to play the fool
Each time it feels new
I still hope that this time’s not the same for you

Where was I so blind to see
The way you lacked to care for me

I’ll say there’s no more
But I’ll fall for the first one to grace my door

Each time it cuts right through me
Back down to where you threw me
No trust for all I know
I’ll stay just on my own
Track Name: Who Will I Be?
If I were lost, would you find me
If I were at home, would you be beside me
If I were alone, would you be my saviour
Would you come back for me?

I’ve seen so many things, that I wish I hadn’t seen
I’ve been so many places, that have lied to me
And all of these secrets that impose on me
And all of the weight of these lies that I feed

What now? Who will I be
Who is this man that stands in front of me
Where now? Where will I go
When is the day, of all of this I’ll know

When is the day, of all of this I’ll know
Who is this man that stands in front of me

Too soon, to say I’m done
Too late, to see the man that I’ve become
Right here right now, with all of these mistakes I’ve made
Would you still take me, through everything you said you hate

Fall back down
What's that sound?

Of all the days and all the nights, you had to pick this time to fight
Of all the times to test me will, you gave me now to show I feel
Of all of the things you could have said, the hurtful ways to mess my head
You struck and cut me down

I won’t be your man, I won’t stand and wait
I won’t be around to see love come hate
I won’t be the rage inside your eyes
I won’t settle this, we won’t share a kiss
You won’t be the girl, I say I missed
You won’t be the one that got away

When is the day, of all of this I’ll know
Who is this man that stands in front of me

What now? Who will I be
Who is this man that I cannot see
Where now? Where will I go
When is the day, my life will start to grow

Fall back down
What's that sound?
Track Name: Lost In Time
I've had some time on my own
Reflecting thoughts of all the people I've known

Its on me, to come save this
Its on me, to find where my faith is

Could all this time alone be starting to end
Good things have broken through with no hope to mend

Cause i'm lost in a better time
A lie feed between my eyes
Times come to reconcile
With hopes dreams and better lives

Has my time all been was wasted
Have I been lost in time
Could this be why I've waited
Have I been lost in time

I will wait for you